Each module is structured as an intensive two-three week course (15 hours/module online) with readings in advance and assignments during and after the course (30 hours).

Module 1
  • The History and Evolution of International Business Discipline
Module 2
  • International Business Theory and Future Perspectives in IB
Module 3
  • Research Methods in International Business
Module 4
  • International Management/Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • International Accounting
  • International Finance
  • International Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • International Human Resource Management
Module 5
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Global Political Economy and International Policy
  • Cultural Frameworks and Cross-Cultural Research
  • Research in Emerging Markets and Emerging Market MNEs
  • Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology in IB
Module 6
  • Gender and Diversity Research in IB
  • Sustainability Research in IB
  • Specific Methods Courses
  • Courses with Regional Focus
Module 7
  • Teaching International Business
Module 8
  • Workshops/Webinars in Journal Reviewership
  • Networking
  • Career Events
  • Meet the Editors Sessions
  • How to Craft Journal Articles
  • Paper Development and Research Methods Workshops

Cohort 2 Timeline

Module Overview

Three Modules on the evolution of IB thinking, research trends, and the future of the International Business field and IB theory, as well as a module on IB research methods (qualitative and quantitative), and International Strategy.

Coming Soon

Three Modules a student chooses three courses from available modules specialized IB topics focusing on mainstream/functional and/or Area/Region/Topic focused modules (Modules 4 through 6). These modules can be perceived as electives, much as electives in our graduate programs. Two Modules on career development and pedagogy (Modules 7 and 8).

Information about Module 5 will be posted soon.