About the Module 5

nternational Entrepreneurship is a relatively young filed of research, which developed in the last four decades, starting from the empirical evidence of ventures that were internationalizing fast and early in their life. These companies seemed to defy the gravity law, that is, they were challenging the dominant views on how the internationalization process should occur.

It is now time for taking stock and looking ahead in a research field that has seen an extraordinary growth in contributions in the last decades. Starting from the seminal contributions of Oviatt & McDougall and Knight & Cavusgil, International Entrepreneurship has gone through a progressive broadening and deepening of its domain.

What is nowadays international entrepreneurship about? According to Oviatt and McDougall (2005, p. 540) it is about “the discovery, enactment, evaluation and exploitation of opportunities – across national borders – to create future goods and services”. This widely accepted definition permits to highlight two key processes characterizing international entrepreneurship: the formation of opportunities and their exploitation. A second element is represented by proactivity and innovativeness, which accompany the formation and exploitation of opportunities and are both key attributes of entrepreneurs and their organizations: the creation of future goods and services is the aim of their action. Jones and Coviello (2005, p. 300) confirm that international entrepreneurship is an “evolutionary and potentially discontinuous process determined by innovation, and influenced by environmental change and human volition, action or decision”. A third element, which distinguishes IE is the geographic perspective: the formation and exploitation of opportunities happens across national borders. IE also encompasses cross-country comparisons between entrepreneurial behaviour in individuals and their organizations (comparative international entrepreneurship).

Zucchella, Hagen & Serapio (2023) have written the second edition of their book about international entrepreneurship, with the aim to provide a fresh and comprehensive perspective of the phenomenon, introducing new topics like the role of technology and the challenges of sustainability and de-globalization in shaping new realities for this phenomenon. The latter needs to be considered also for its implications in terms of where to play and how to play decisions and their implementation.

The course aims also at a deeper understanding of the relationship between International Entrepreneurship and its parent disciplines (International Business and Entrepreneurship primarily), and at discussing possible future research trajectories.

About the Faculty

Professor Antonella Zucchella

Antonella Zucchella is Professor of Marketing and of Innovability & Circular Entrepreneurship at the University of Pavia. She has been visiting Professor at Strasbourg University for several years, visiting Researcher at the Harvard Business School in 2019 and visiting Research Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 2013-2019. She is a member of the Italian Academy of Business Studies/Italian Society of Management, of the Academy of International Business, and of the European International Business Academy. Her research interests are in international
entrepreneurship and sustainable entrepreneurship. Antonella Zucchella has been keynote speaker in several international conferences. She published several articles in international journals and she is also the author of books on entrepreneurship, the last being the second edition of “International Entrepreneurship”, co-authored with Birgit Hagen and Manuel Serapio. She has been awarded by International Business Review for the best article in 2018, she received the Emerald literati award for most outstanding paper in Multinational Business Review in 2017, twice awarded for the best paper in the International Business conference AIB. She has been keynote speaker in several international conferences. She is a scientific advisor for public and private organizations about entrepreneurship and internationalization.

Professor Manuel G. Serapio

Manuel G. Serapio is faculty director of the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at the University of Colorado Denver’s Institute for International Business, and Associate Professor/Director of International Business, Business School, University of Colorado Denver.
Dr. Serapio led the development of the Faculty Development in International Entrepreneurship (FDIE) program for CU Denver’s CIBER.  Working jointly with Dr. Patricia McDougall-Covin, Dr. Walter Kuemmerle, and most recently with Dr. Nicole Coviello, Dr. Serapio has offered the FDIE program in Denver, Atlanta, Seoul, Istanbul, Bangalore, Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur, and Waterloo, Canada. More than 500 faculty members from 35+ countries have attended the FDIE program.
Dr. Serapio has published in Entrepreneurship Theory and PracticeManagement International ReviewOrganizational DynamicsResearch Technology ManagementAcademy of Management ExecutiveIEEE Spectrum, and other publications. Together with Drs. Patricia McDougall-Covin and Marian Jones, Dr. Serapio co-edited a special issue on International Entrepreneurship for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. He is co-author (with Drs. Antonella Zucchella and Birgit Hagen) of International Entrepreneurship, published by Edward Elgar in 2018 and 2023.
In addition to his academic work, Dr Serapio has extensive consulting experience.  His clients include leading multinational companies, such as IBM, Molson Coors. Starbucks Coffee International, and Western Union.  Professor Serapio has served as principal investigator of various governmental and private sponsored grants, including projects for the US Department of Education (CIBE program), US Department of Commerce, Office of Naval Research, US-Japan Friendship Commission, and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.
Professor Serapio received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and MBA from the University of Hawaii. He is the recipient of multiple teaching awards at CU Denver’s Business School and the university’s Leadership and Service Excellence Award.